Property Manager

MC Property Management Corporation is looking to fill 1 full-time position in our Lemont office for a Licensed Community Association Property Manager. Ideal candidate must have strong communication, administrative, organization and people skills, ability to multi-task, and strong computer skills, especially with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and VMS (village management software) a plus. Property management experience with a minimum of 5+ years portfolio property management, and at a minimum a CMCA license is a must; this position does have a full time assistant property manager to assist with administrative functions. This is an excellent opportunity to grow in the property management field. Compensation for the positions is based on the portfolio managed.

Please provide your references when submitting resume.

Benefits We offer competitive wages, and a fast-paced, people oriented environment.

To Apply: Email resumes to: [email protected] with the subject: “Resume for Property Manager”

MC Property Management Corporation Property Manager Job Description

Phone Calls / Messages

  • Answering questions from Board Members, Owners or Tenants that are relevant to their units must be performed on a daily basis – phone calls to be returned within 24-48 hours for homeowners and same business day for Board Members.
  • Retrieve phone messages from voice message system.

E-Mail & Computer Use

  • Respond to all e-mails within 24 hours from homeowners, tenants, or board members.
  • Property Manager will inform Assistant if assistance is needed in reviewing and or responding to e-mails.

Work Orders

  • Receive, process, and close out all work orders (assistant available).
  • Process work order requests as determined by homeowners and/or Board Members (assistant available).
  • Review work order summary bi-weekly for follow up with vendors (assistant available).
  • Work with assistant to close out completed work orders.
  • Document for the Board of Directors all phone calls and follow up items as needed.
  • File Work Order copies for future reference as needed.

Board Packets

  • Create all board packets for deliver to each board 1 week prior to their meeting (assistant available).
  • Board packets can be emailed to those who prefer.
  • Break apart board packets / file away board packet originals after each meeting and distribute approved contracts to vendors and scan a copy to H drive (for A/P), (assistant available).

Violations / Chargebacks

  • Follow up on warning letters/violations prior to all Board Meetings to make sure items were resolved.
  • Work with Accounting Department on charge backs the week prior to mailing each month

Architectural Control

  • Receive, process, and follow up all Association’s Architectural Request forms.
  • Work with homeowners to ensure that completed Architectural Request forms are submitted to the Property Manager. The forms should be signed by the resident, plans and drawings must be attached before submitting to the Property Manager.
  • Prepare Approval or Denial cover letter and attach signed Architectural Request forms for mailing to owner. Letters must have Property Manager’s original signature.


  • Property Manager should prepare and distribute (to vendors) requests for bids, proposals or contracts (RFPs). Property Manager is to provide specifications and desired vendors for each request.
  • Follow-up with the vendors to make certain that proposals are received in a timely manner.
  • Create a worksheet that compares the specifications and rates as supplied by the vendors.
  • Copy of accepted bid/proposal/contract is to be given to Accounts Payable and scanned to the Association’s electronic file.
  • Annual contracts should be requested 60-90 days prior to renewal date.
  • Distribute approved contracts to vendors and scan a copy to H drive (for A/P)
  • Prepare Denial letters to vendors who’s proposals were not approved


  • Property Manager is to review mailing agenda on or about the third Monday of each month.
  • Prepare memos and organize inserts for monthly statement mailing (on or about third Thursday of each month).
  • Submit all documents to Mailing House/ Printer or make required number of copies for each insert and include in the bin before 9am on the mailing date.

Administrative / Misc.

  • Update the private association website on a monthly basis with a newsletter and approved HOA minutes (without executive session) and other documents as requested (assistant available).
  • Prepare homeowner letters (ex. plumbing letters, violations response letters, etc.)
  • Filing to be done as required or needed (assistant available).

Key Functions:

  • Must understand and be able to work with Computers, Office Machines and other Technology Requirements, in a fast paced environment.
  • Field phone calls from managed associations.
  • Budget Preparation.
  • Physical Property Inspections.
  • Meet with Vendors to secure competitive bids for services.
  • Supervision of vendors and employees.
  • Attendance of all Board Meetings.
  • Make sound recommendations to clients to assist them with the proper operation of the Association
  • Preparation of Board Packets, Management & Financial Reports and all other contents required by each Board.
  • On-Call 24/7 for emergencies.
  • In depth understand of Association financial statements, payables and receivables.
  • Provide customer service to Associations / handle homeowner grievances.
  • Produce all mailings or information disseminated to property owners.
  • Work with accounting area to assist clients with payment of property taxes, income tax filing,
    and filing of Association Corporate Annual Report.
  • Assist clients with procuring and maintaining insurance coverage that complies with requirements of the governing documents or any state / federal laws.
  • Work in accordance with our company philosophy of conducting business and being a positive representation of MC Property Management Corporation to all clients.
  • Must be organized and work well in a team environment.
  • To assist Accounting area in obtaining Certificates of Insurance from vendors providing services to the client.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.