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CAI PAC Illinois builds relationships

With legislative candidates that share CAI’s interests and values. These are the legislators that make decisions affecting community associations and CAI members. CAI has a growing list of allies on both sides of the aisle but now more than ever we have many new members to the Illinois House and Senate. It is critical timing for CAI to build relationships and gain support from our new Legislators. There are also several concerning pieces of legislation in our government right now affecting community associations. Both of those tasks are being addressed by our LAC, Legislative Action Committee. However, in order to achieve our goals and be successful, the CAI PAC Illinois needs your support.



To see the current Illinois Bills Affecting Community Associations, please click here

About CAI PAC Illinois

What is CAI PAC Illinois and what is its mission?

Community Associations Institute Political Action Committee (CAI PAC IL) gives CAI a stronger voice in both Federal and State legislatures to promote and improve the community association housing model through proactive legislative and regulatory advocacy. CAI PAC Illinois contributes to the political campaigns of legislators who have demonstrated their commitment to CAI’s members.

Where does your contribution go?

One-hundred percent of your contribution goes to legislative candidates- incumbents and newcomers- for elected office who support community associations priorities. CAI PAC Illinois is non-partisan and works directly with all political parties to recruit and support candidates.

Why Invest in CAI PAC Illinois?

  • CAI PAC is a voluntary, non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC). It is the only PAC that directly represents the interests of the community association housing model in our nation’s political system.
  • CAI PAC raises money to contribute to candidates who support community associations and the people who live and work there.
  • CAI PAC allows CAI members to pool their resources to create the largest impact possible in support of CAI’s public policies for better communities.

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