Steer Your Boards Into More Effective Meetings

board members having effective meeting

Have you ever been in a Board Meeting that has gone off course? Often, the source isn’t a homeowner causing a ruckus in the open forum or interrupting the business session, but a board member who is detouring the meeting. It can be frustrating – sometimes a community manager feels there’s nothing they can do to keep a meeting on track.

Don’t lose hope – your Board may control the gas pedal, but a good community manager is one who can steer the Board in the right direction. In this session at the 2019 Conference & Expo, Attorney Kerry Bartell and Professional Community Association Manager Lea Marcou will provide tactics and strategies to help community managers hold an effective board meeting – even when they aren’t the ones running it.

Not only will they provide tips on organizing and preparing for meetings, they will discuss how you can coach and train your board members outside of a meeting, so everyone is headed in the same direction on meeting night. Topics will include the community manager’s role in the board meeting, parliamentary procedure, reports for the board to prepare for the meeting (and what to do for those board members who don’t read reports until meeting night!), executive sessions, and how to control and foster productive owner participation in meetings.

Have you ever had a short board meeting where at least one board member didn’t comment on how nice it was to get out early? They may think this is a tough goal to achieve, but with your help they can make it happen. A little advanced preparation by the community manager can go a long way in focusing the board on the business at hand, creating a meeting where decisions are made instead of conversations sidetracking progress. Get ready to get behind the wheel and steer your board in the right direction – impress your clients by making every board meeting an effective one!

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