Hallways. The area most likely thought about the least. Why would you? They’re often just closed-off walkways with no windows, no place to sit and no reason to linger – merely a passageway to wander from room to room. But what you may not realize is that your hallways have the ability to make an ordinary space extraordinary. Did you know you can increase your unit value simply by updating your common areas? Tackling a hallway remodel in any size space can be tricky though… Here are some tips, traps, and trends that will help guide you along the way. Get ready to give your hallway the love they deserve and breeze through your next remodeling project!


inside of a hallway in chicago getting remodeled

Form a design committee to confirm the scope, specifications and budget. When upgrading your space, stay true to the historical integrity of the building when choosing design elements. Consider hiring a designer to help devise a plan. A designer will be able to provide sample boards to help the committee and homeowners conceptualize ideas. If your budget does not allow for a designer, many large contracting firms may have complimentary design help on hand. Consult experts to understand process and products and develop a timeline.


hallway view of remodel

Create a realistic time span for your project. Don’t fall into the trap of an impossible time line with unreal expectations. If an aggressive schedule is required, be sure to partner with a firm that is capable of scaling crews to meet deadlines. There will be several different trades working together in the building such as painters, electricians, carpenters, tile and carpet installers, so its important to ensure the contractor can provide a project manager at little or no cost to the association to manage the various trades. Hiring of security may be necessary when painting common area doors to leave them open to allow time to dry. The property manager does NOT have time to undertake the orchestration of all these moving parts.


hallway remodel final product

Wallpaper is BACK! Let your carpet and wallpaper be the stars of the show and move forward with lighter neutral walls. Pick a fun accent wallpaper to add color and dimension instead of artwork. Don’t be afraid of a bold carpet design. Patterns will help hide stains along with solution dyed fibers that will retain color longer. Eco friendly products have only gotten better. Low voc paint has become more durable to provide an anti-scuff surface, along with quick drying to avoid homeowners inconvenience. Check out the latest in flooring, LVT (luxury vinyl tile) is more glamorous and durable than ever before. It is definitely NOT your mamma’s linoleum! Improve illumination and capitalize on the upgraded efficiencies when selecting your new lighting. Let your new lighting be the jewel that adds sparkle to your hallways. It can completely change the ambiance of a space and sets a tone of class and sophistication.

Contributors: Toni Ivanov & Emily Oltmann, Inside-Out Company

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