Did You Know You Can Budget for Education?

how to budget for hoa education

Society makes it a great priority, and rightfully so, to educate our young people. Proper education helps ensure their success down the line. These same principles apply to members of an HOA Board. Educating those who have volunteered their time; charged with making decisions that impact the entire community, one of the biggest personal investments for most, should be a top priority.

Many volunteer board members do not take advantage of attending educational courses through CAI as there is a cost involved. Why not budget for that expense when it can benefit the entire community? There are many nuances involved in effectively leading a homeowner association, and with the constant change in state and federal laws, it is becoming more and more difficult for volunteer Board members to serve. Every association should consider signing up for CAI continuing education courses to expand your knowledge and understanding of the vast world of Community Association Management. These courses are specifically geared towards addressing Board member concerns and providing you with the tools to make the most out of your relationship with your managing agent.

CAI offers a whole series of in-person and online educational opportunities, many at no cost to CAI members. When your association’s board joins, those 3-15 members are all able to access this member education benefit. The premiere educational series that CAI’s Illinois chapter offers is the Dedicated Community Association Leader (DCAL) program. This program includes courses such as Rules & Regulations, Insurance & Risk Management, Meetings & Elections, & Understanding Financials. Please visit the DCAL page on our website for a listing of courses specifically designed for Community Association Volunteer Leaders.

Whether your board opts to join CAI or just to register for educational sessions a la carte, working that cost into your association’s annual budget is an investment in the future of your association. Well educated board volunteers are more likely to ensure the successful management of each owner’s personal investment and the common interests of the association.