On May 13th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, this year’s CAI-IL Condo-HOA Conference & Expo will be “Unity in the Community” and offer education sessions on legal updates, innovative trends, hot topics, and industry best practices, as well as opportunities to share, learn, network, and discuss challenges and solutions.
Join more than 1,500 industry professionals and homeowner volunteer leaders – along with over 200 exhibitors – for the most comprehensive 1-day event for community associations in the state of Illinois!

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Curious about the kinds of courses you can expect to see at this year’s Conference & Expo? Here are a few of the many session options you’ll have to choose from!

Make Your E-Vote Count

The COVID-19 pandemic forced community associations to adapt and reimagine their annual meetings and board elections. Many associations have successfully implemented electronic voting and virtual annual meetings, and owners are growing accustomed to the convenience offered by “e-voting”. Whether your community association has been using e-voting for years or is considering adding it for the first time, now is a good time to evaluate your association’s election procedures and consider implementing changes.

In this session at the 2022 Conference & Expo, Certified Manager of Community Associations Rich Hiles, Attorney Adam Kahn, and Cathi Sleight of Vote HOA Now, an expert in online voting, will provide practical insights, recommended best practices, and pitfalls to avoid for effectively conducting Board elections and annual meetings electronically. Topics will include strategies for convenient e-voting and maximizing voter turnout, “hybrid” models for annual meetings (part in person, part virtual), methods for voting (proxies, absentee balloting, electronic voting), deadlines to be aware of, and what to look for in a vendor providing online voting solutions. In addition to discussing current trends in e-voting and lessons learned from conducting virtual annual meetings in 2 plus years of the “new normal”, they will forecast what association should be thinking about going forward for conducting future Board elections and annual meetings.

Board elections are vital to the successful operation of community associations, and e-voting enables owners to voice their opinions and select Board members to represent their interests conveniently and safely. This presentation will empower associations to successfully navigate e-voting and make sure that each owner’s e-vote counts!

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Rich Hiles

CMCA, AMS, Adam Kahn, Esq., and Cathi Sleight, CMCA, EBP...

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