Is the Cannabis Act Unleashing Reefer Madness on your Association? – Common Interest Podcast Episode 12

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This episode of the Common Interest Podcast features Nicholas Bartzen from Altus Legal.

With the Senate’s recent passage of HB 1438, the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (“Cannabis Act”), Illinois is poised to become one of the 11 states that permit both recreational and medical marijuana use. HB 1438 will likely be passed by the Illinois House and subsequently signed into law by Governor Pritzker (feel free to view the full text linked here). Now, the big question for condominium board members, unit owners and property managers is: “How do we deal with the inevitable nuisance and second-hand smoke complaints sure to result from this?”

Check out Nick’s recent article in the CAI Blog on this subject as well.
Recreational Marijuana in Condominium Associations

Is the Cannabis Act Unleashing Reefer Madness on your Association?
Nicholas Bartzen from Altus Legal returns to the show for a discussion of the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act set to take effect on January 1, 2020. The Cannabis Act contains an addition to the ILCPA allowing condo associations to prohibit combustion of cannabis in units. Tune in to this episode to learn more about what the legalization of recreational marijuana means for your association.

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