Portfolio Manager

Mid-sized Chicago property management firm is searching for an experienced portfolio manager to assume responsibility for a portfolio of condominium properties located in the western and northwestern Chicago suburbs. The successful candidate will be assigned to our office in the O’Hare area. Responsibilities and qualifications will include:

Have a basic background in or understanding of accounting, finance, law, insurance, maintenance, and, management. Be personable, friendly, and able to maintain a high level of service in the face of pressure situations that require crisis management. Be able to work with all types of people and establish a friendly and trusting relationship with the members of each association. Possess a current CMCA or CAM license and have 3 years of portfolio management experience.

Specific Responsibilities
Financial Management

  • Create yearly budgets
  • Implement and oversee collection of association fees
  • Approve and monitor payment of bills
  • Advise on investment of excess funds
  • Oversee insurance policies

Operations Management

  • Conduct property inspections as per management contract in order to cite violations and monitor the appearance of the community.
  • Implement policies of the association.
  • Prepare notice of meeting and agenda.
  • Attend meetings of the Board of Directors as per management contract.
  • Prepare management reports.
  • Implement and enforce rules and regulations.
  • Cite violations and conduct follow up to resolve problems.
  • Provide advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Prepare bid specifications and solicit bids for all contracts.
  • Monitor the work of all contractors to ensure compliance with contractual obligations, including landscaping, maintenance and repairs, waste removal, snow removal, pool management, and legal counsel.
  • Schedule and review all work orders.

Communications and Customer Relations

  • Respond to complaints, questions, concerns, and suggestions of all members of the associations.
  • Initiate correspondence to keep members informed and ensure payment of all fees and dues.
  • Participate in the emergency on-call system.

We offer a competitive salary and a generous compensation package that includes paid personal days, vacation days during first year of service, 401 participation, available affordable health, life and dental insurance, commission opportunities.

Please forward your confidential resume to [email protected] for consideration. We are an equal opportunity employer.