Education Sneak Peak – 2020 Conference & Expo: Staying Sane as a Community Association Manager

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On February 21st at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, this year’s CAI-IL Condo – HOA Conference & Expo will give you “2020 Vision” and offer education sessions on legal updates, innovative trends, hot topics, and industry best practices, as well as opportunities to share, learn, network, and discuss challenges and solutions.
Join more than 1,500 industry professionals and homeowner volunteer leaders – along with over 200 exhibitors – for the most comprehensive 1-day event for community associations in the state of Illinois!

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This week’s sneak peek features a great topic for new and experienced managers!

Maintaining Sanity for Association Managers

Presented by: Danette Gusanders-Smusz, CMCA, AMS – Thomas C. Engblom, CMCA, AMS, CPM, ARM, PCAM, Ph.D

Looking to improve your work environment? Job satisfaction? Business Relationships?

This presentation will provide a comprehensive view of a creative procedure on an efficient workplace leading to improved relationships with associations, community association leaders, business partners, and coworkers. Information on making, creating and relating to improved business opportunities with trends, technology and training.

The presentation will provide an in depth overview of the physiological aspects of step-by-step views (WOW! You must have done this before!) creating a process to build a conducive efficient working place environment reflecting the positive and negative why it is imperative to focus initially on this component.

The presentation will evolve into the solidification of the relationship component resulting in creating, improving and evolving into long term satisfaction during the duration of your tenure in your current position or future positions.

In conclusion the presentation will intertwine the latest trends, technology and training as well as success and failures in the workplace environment.