The New Community Association Fact Book

common interest magazine spring 2016 issue

Published by the Foundation for Community Association Research, the 2013 Community Association Fact Book is the most comprehensive compendium of state and national community association statistics ever assembled. Chapters are encouraged to link directly to the online state summaries from your chapter websites.

About The Foundation

The Foundation for Community Association Research is a national, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to common interest community research, development, and scholarship. Incorporated in 1975, the Foundation supports and conducts research in the community, homeowner, and condominium association industry.

See here for a list of the 51 state summaries (including the District of Columbia).

Why You Should Use the Fact Book

The Fact Book is the most extensive collection of community association facts and statistics combined into a single resource. The three-part online PDF documents the history, status, trends and future issues of U.S. community associations. The publication includes state summaries and provides top-level association housing data for other countries.

Developed in large part by CAI Past President Clifford J. Treese, CIRMS, president of Association Data, Inc., in Pleasanton, CA, the document supports the Foundation’s mission of providing research-
based information to all community association stakeholders: homeowners, board members, management professionals as well as attorneys, accountants, developers, mortgage lenders, federal regulatory agencies, public officials and others.

The Fact Book is available on the CAIRF website.