National Volunteer Month Appreciation!

cai-il volunteers working together

In recognition of National Volunteer Month, CAI-Illinois each week in the month of April will recognize an Association Board of Directors and/or individual volunteers that have proven outstanding performance and commitment to their associations. This will give those remarkable individuals acknowledgement for their determination and dedication in promoting positive living within the common interest communities they serve.

The first recognition will go to “Tallgrass Homeowners Association in Bartlett” who has had both the most DCAL members and the biggest attendance in DCAL courses in the past year. These leaders are: Kerry Riordan, Liz Kopitke, Mark Gray, Steve Gewartowski, Steve Saitta and Tom Martin who serve as Board of Directors within “Tallgrass Homeowners Association.” Congratulations and thank you for your service and dedication.

For more information on the DCAL Program, click here.

Stay tuned for the announcement of more amazing individuals in the weekly CAI email blasts.