Awards and Honors

CAI Illinois: Awards and Honors

The CAI-IL Excellence Awards Program recognizes individuals for their outstanding achievements in the community association industry. Award winners and nominees illustrate high standards of management, certification, training and commitment to excellence.

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CAI National honor for outstanding Chapter achievements in best practices and innovative programs.

National Achievement Awards Category
2015In recognition of outstanding achievement in Leadership programming.ILAC Fundraiser
2015In recognition of outstanding achievement in Leadership programming.Downtown Program Committee
2014In recognition of outstanding achievement in Leadership programming.PCAM Mentoring Program
2014In recognition of overall Excellence in Public Affairs, Membership, Chapter Management & Development, Member Services and Leadership.
2013In recognition of outstanding achievements in Chapter Management & Development programming.Finance Policies and Financial Strength.
2012In Recognition of Outstanding achievement in Membership programming.Community Association Manager Membership Drive
2012In recognition of outstanding achievement in Leadership programming.Excellence Awards & Winter Gala
2011In recognition of outstanding achievement in Member Services programming.Conference & Exposition
2011In recognition of outstanding achievement in Public Affairs Programming.Legal Forum
2011In recognition of outstanding achievement in Membership programming.Member Networking Events
2004In recognition of outstanding achievement in Member Services programming.E-Newsletter
2003In recognition of outstanding achievement in Member Services programming.Common Interest Magazine
2001In recognition of outstanding achievement in Membership programming.Membership

This award recognizes a CAI-IL member who has provided outstanding contributions to the association they serve and to their surrounding community. This individual is committed to, and clearly understands, their role and fiduciary responsibility as a community volunteer.
DateNameAssociation Name
2015Jerry McNamaraGatewood Condominium Association

This award recognizes a CAI-IL member who has the knowledge, ethics, professionalism, and skills with verifiable experience in financial, administrative, and facilities management in at least one community association.
DateAward Winner(s)
2015Judy Rowe, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
2014Patricia A. Bialek, CMCA, AMS, PCAM


CAI will also thank volunteers for their hard work, dedication and service
by presenting individuals with several of the following awards:

Honoring those Chapter members that have had a profound influence on the development of the Chapter. Given to one or more individuals per year at the Excellence Awards & Winter Gala.

YearAward Winner(s)
2016Anthony Dister, Carrie Surratt, CMCA, AMS
2015Pat Costello, Esq., Cindy Fitts, CIRMS
2014Kerry Bartell, Jessica Towles, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
2012Jeanette Catellier, CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Tom Engblom, CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Lou Lutz, CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Sheila Malchiodi, Carol Marcou, CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Steve Silberman, CPA
2011Michele Gehrke, Erica Horndasch , CMCA, AMS
2010William C. DeMille, PCAM  Andrea Sorgani
2009Peter Santangelo, Karen Skoric, CPA
2008Mark W. Burke, PCAM , Christine Friend, Timothy J. Haviland, CMCA , Diana Larson, AMS, PCAM
2007  Linda J. Schiff, CMCA, CTP
2006Boyd Briscoe, Jennifer Eilert, Mindy Maggio
2004Richard Daly, Allan Goldberg, Kathy Sicher, Keith Weber
2003David M. Bendoff, Wayne Callham, Lynda Erickson, Raymond D. Faucher, CMCA, PCAM, Kara Gould, CMCA, AMS , Michael S. Kurtzon, Louis G. Lutz, CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Chuck McCrimmon, Adrienne Melnichek, Morris Oldham, Jordan I. Shifrin, Andrea Sorgani
2002Lillian Blankenburg, CMCA, CPM , Steven P. Bloomberg, William C. DeMille, PCAM , Marshall N. Dickler, Vincent Innocenti, PCAM, Francis Jara, PCAM ,Michael C. Kim, Chris Nyborg, CPA  Carol Paul, PCAM , Mark D. Pearlstein, Esq., Michael C. Majewski, Yvonne Raetzke, John Saletta, Clifford J. Treese, Barbara D. Wick, CPCU, ARM, AIS

Awarded to those individuals who have made significant contributions to CAI on both the local and national level. Awarded annually at the Excellence Awards and Winter Gala if a candidate is selected.

YearAward Winner(s)
2014Lou Lutz, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
2013Diana Larson, AMS, PCAM
2011Marshall Dickler, Esq.
2010   Boyd Briscoe
2007  William C. DeMille, PCAM
2006  Chris Nyborg, CPA
2005  Lou Lutz, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
2004  Mark Pearlstein, Esq., CCAL
2003  Linda J. Schiff, CMCA
2002Vincent Innocenti, AMS, PCAM
2001    Barbara D. Wick, CIRMS

Awarded to newer committee members who have proven to be an asset to CAI – Illinois through their volunteerism. Awarded annually at the Excellence Awards and Winter Gala.

Year  Award Winner(s)
2016Randy Grimes, Lea Marcou, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Charles Perry, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, George Toubekis, Jack Thew, DCAL
2015Jennifer Bratzel, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Rose Jurczewski, CMCA, AMS, Amanda Paton, Cathy Ryan, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Siobhan Zawojski
2014Carlo Caprio, CMCA , Kimberly Fivelson, CMCA, AMS , Megan Hart Gohsman, Toni Ivanov, Jerry McNamara
2013Joshua Bowman, CMCA , Patrick Costello, Esq., Liz Foley, CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Kristofer Kasten, Esq., Rachel Kegley, CMCA, AMS
2012Jaime Candos, Lindsey Daehnke, Randy Levine, Rich Music, Carrie Surratt, CMCA, AMS ,Todd Walter, Steve White
2011Tami Demitrowicz, Cindy Fitts, Sheila Malchiodi, Cyndi Rempert, Kinga Skowronek, Matt Sloan, James Trader
2010Joe Cairo, Selvie Jaos, CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Greg Lason, Gina Tierhold, Sara Denny Zink
2009  Jamie Falconer CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Michele Gehrke, Julie Guidry, Hans Hermann, Grace McCafferty, Michele Pawelek
2008  Jeanette Catellier, CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Gabriella Comstock, Esq.,  Cindy Grinchuk, William Knee, Carol A. Marcou, CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Suzy Martin, Cheryl Murphy, Gayle Simon, Mary Theile, Gina Tierhold
2007 Stacey Adams, Jim Cherep, Anthony Dister, Craig Finck, CMCA, Diana Larson, AMS,PCAM , Pamela Mullen, Brook Silvestri, CMCA , Timothy Snowden, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
2006Frank Coleman, CMCA , Tom Engblom, CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Erica Horndasch, CMAC, AMS, Dan Kissee, Robert Kowall, Dawn Moody, Matt Nichols, Denny Poer, Vlatka Puljic, Bruce Shankman, CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Tom Wykle
2005 Al Bayer, Michaelene Conrad, CMCA , Tim Haviland, CMCA , Michael Mroz, John Schaller, Cathy Snyder, Cate Sullivan, Kathy Vranek
2004  Stacey Adams, Theresa Brick, Joel Davis, Mike Dobson, Jessica Fortich, Ellen Henderson, Diana Larson, Kim Merrigan, Mike Rogan, Shannon Schwarzwalder
2003   Mark Bohnhoff, Roni Dziedzic, June Edlund, Jessica Ernst, CMCA, AMS , Don Feeley, Sherm Fields, Christine Friend, Harley Halleck, Jennifer Ranieri, CMCA, AMS , Pete Santangelo, CMCA , Brook Silvestri
2002  Karen Filecia, Jay W. Joy, Mark Stelter
2001Cathy Blake, CMCA, PCAM , Boyd Briscoe, Matt Dziedzic, Aleka Ernst, John Haniotes, Tim Snowden, CMCA, AMS  
2000  Joe Cantore, Jeff Engvall,  Mindy Maggio, CMCA , Carol Metzen, David Paisley, CMCA, AMS, PCAM , Chris Pesek, Karen Riggio 
1999  Ken Cook, Jennifer Eilert, Madeline Franklin, Bob Graf,  Doug Gould, Steve Kuyawa, Bob Tronsen, Dan Wells, Allan Werth  
1998  Mark Burke, PCAM , Jim Callham, Mark Gehl, Maggie Hunckler, Kevin Hull, Rob Kogen, Lou Lutz, PCAM , Beth Manion, Matt Moodhe, Bill Palm, Jan Rzepka, Maria Sheehan, Andrea Sorgani, Gayle Sweers, Keith Weber          

Distinguished Service Awards:

Honoring long term dedication and extraordinary contribution to the Illinois Chapter. Awarded occasionally when a candidate is selected.

Honoring exemplary dedication, years of service, outstanding achievement and commitment to the growth and development of the Illinois Chapter of CAI
2014Timothy J. HavilandSpecial Recognition & Distinguished Service
2009Mark PearlsteinRecognition
2009Kara Cermak, CMCA, AMS, PCAMDistinguished Service
2006Mark PearlsteinRecognition
2006Wayne CallhamOutstanding Services as a Board Member for CAI-IL
2006Mike DobsonOutstanding Services as a Board Member for CAI-IL
2006Cindy HuddlestonRecruiter of the Year

For efforts made with ILAC and Manager Licensing
2009 Mark Pearlstein
2006 Mark Pearlstein
For extra efforts made in assisting the Chapter Office
2009 Kara Cermak, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
2006 Wayne Callham
2006 Mike Dobson
2006 Cindy Huddleston