Condo/HOA Q&A: How Community Associations Protect Home Values

real estate professional conducting townhome appraisal


  • Peter Santangelo – President, Wintrust Community Advantage
  • Jill Beda-Daniels – Real-Estate Attorney and Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Steve Silberman – CPA, PBG Financial Services Ltd.
  • John Gocke, Townhome Owner – CAI-IL Homeowner – Leader Education Committee

Your home is your greatest investment. Learn how condominium, townhome and homeowners’ associations exist to protect that investment. Topics of discussion include:

Which factors will affect your property valuation besides the interior of the unit?

How do special assessments affect property value?

What impact do reserves have on property value

How does the concept of “Percent-Funded” factor into evaluating the ideal level of reserves?

What financial information is important to future buyers and what financial disclosures are required at sale?

Which factors may help or hurt your association’s ability to secure a loan?

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