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Common Interest Magazine is the Chapter’s quarterly magazine that presents timely articles on community association issues and local legislature updates, as well as upcoming events.

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2017 Fall – Find Your Tune

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2017 Summer – Lessons From Our Childhood Games

2017 Spring – Creating a Healthy Community

2016 Winter – Happy 40th Birthday to CAI-IL

2016 Fall – Politics of Association Living

2016 Summer –  Point – Counterpoint

2016 Spring – Developing a Winning Strategy for your Association

2015 Winter 2 – Innovators From The Past – Inspiring Our Future

2015 Fall – Association Living – Creating Your Own Family Classic

2015 Summer – Summer Fest

2015 Spring – Playing to Win

2015 Winter 1 – Empowering Communities with Stories of Success .

2014 Fall – Game of Homes

2014 Summer – Be the SUPERHERO to your Community Association…Not the Villain!

2014 Spring – Finding Harmony in Your Association

2014 Winter – The Times They are a Changing

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